If you’re interested in stocking your records with us for mail-order/distribution, please submit the following questions to us for review by using the form below or send an email to liv (at) impetusde.com and we’ll get back to you once we check them out.

It is much easier if you are able to answer all of these questions in your initial message, so we don't have to ask you for it later.

  • Where are you from, and where are you currently located?
  • What kind of connections to Delaware or the DE punk/independent music scene do you have?
  • Please specify whether you are a band, record label, zine,or involved in some other kind of project.
  • What are you looking to stock with us? (Records, CDs, Zines, Books, etc.) Please note that this specifically for physical releases only. We do not have the ability to digitally distribute your stuff.
  • Do you have any other distributors? If so, who?
Please take a moment to review our stocking policy below, and specify if you would like to stock through consignment or wholesale. Ultimately, the decision will be ours, but we’d like to know what would be the ideal situation!

We charge a $10 fee to set-up and stock each release. (This helps pay for shipping materials and other label costs, such as tabling fees and website updates.)
We offer two options for stocking with us:

We charge a $1 fee for each item sold. Please specify how many records you would like for us to carry.

For releases that we buy from you at wholesale, we will ask for your standard retail price and then determine how many records we would like to buy. (We may increase our retail price by $1-2 if it is necessary to cover our stocking fees. If you see this, please understand why!)