(2016 - present)

Michael Clark - Drums, Vocals

Eli Gordy-Stith - Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Ryan Yoder - Bass, Guitar, Vocals

Kobika is a three-piece band formed in early 2016. Eli Gordy-Stith was hopping between buses to get from his college dorm to Merger House in Hockessin for practice, and frequently made pit-stops at the Zycam Task Force HQ (Mike Clark's mother's house) as a waypoint between the two. They began to work on music together along with Ryan Yoder and Alex Dunford, who were also living in the house at the time. Eli was slightly dissatisfied with the slow, selective writing process for Merger, with many ideas often getting tossed away after a disagreement, and wanted to play the guitar again, which he had all but abandoned after Paint The Sun's break-up. The idea of switching instruments between songs also became a focus of the band. Alex Dunford left the band in late 2017.

The band has performed rather sporadically since its inception, while their members are actively involved in the Delaware punk scene: Mike works at Impetus, both Eli and Ryan play in Merger, and all three are members of the Delaware Art Initiative, a booking collective in the Wilmington area.

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