Kobika/Think Machine - Split


Kobika/Think Machine - Split

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On June 22, Kobika and Think Machine will be featured on a split release. This is the first release from Kobika since their debut EP “Monolith” (IMP003) and Think Machine’s “Orange and White” , which was released on Slightly Shaken Records.

The release contains three songs from each band, as well as a lyric sheet. For every record that is sold, one dollar goes to Impetus Records, and the rest of the proceeds will go to benefit the homeless in Wilmington as part of a direct action group that is being organized by Kobika and Think Machine.

Track Listing: 
1. Pro/Contra
2. Stop
3. Breaking Things
4. Puzzle Pieces
5. The Key
6. June 18, 1954

Engineered and Produced by Joni Elfers in Feb. 2019
Graphics by Diego Romero-Aros
Kobika is Michael Clark, Eli Gordy-Stith, and Ryan Yoder
Think Machine is Ian Berry, Evan Kipp and Nate Lamborn