Diego Romero-Aros in Reading, PA   photo by Shane Spencer

Diego Romero-Aros in Reading, PA

photo by Shane Spencer

About Impetus Records

The label was started by Diego Romero-Aros and Peter Furman. Both of their bands, The Subterraneans and Paint The Sun, had broken up before either band had a chance to release a proper studio recording. The two decided to work together to put these out in a way to document their tiny slice of the world (the scene was about ten people at this point).

Given that both these bands had very little money, as everyone involved was either in or had recently graduated high school, it took time to gather the funds to put these records out. It didn’t help that neither of them had any experience in working with pressing plants, filling out forms, or contacting record stores and distributors. But, after about a year of planning, The Subterraneans self-titled 7” was released in October 2017.

In the time it took the record to come out, several new bands had formed, such as Think Machine, Naff (with ex-Subterraneans Sam Greaves and Seb Roat), and Merger. There was even a new crowd in the scene, coming from the college town of Newark, just outside of Wilmington. It became clear to us that a real community was beginning to form, and we decided that it made some sense to continue to document these bands, so long as we feel the connection to the music that we originally had with our own bands.


About Impetus House

In late 2018, Peter took a step back from the administrative work needed to run the label, but continues his work in graphic design from his print studio in Wilmington. Mike Clark, who had been working on Impetus since his band Kobika's EP became the third release on the label, began to manage its daily operations with Diego out of Impetus House, the group house they moved into in January ‘18, just outside of the city in Claymont, DE.

The house is a practice space for various bands in the scene, and is also the main meeting place for various groups and organizations within the scene, such as the activist collective Delaware Art Initiative, and the DE scene-focused zine DisturbancE.

If you’re interested in working with us at Impetus House for any reason (band practice, to meet with one the various groups we house, or any other idea you’d like to throw our way), please send us an email at impetusde@gmail.com!

Please, no weddings or catering events.

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