What is your shipping policy?
There is no shipping fee if you pick up an order from Impetus House. All orders shipped go through USPS, typically through Media Mail. Orders usually arrive within one week of purchase.
Will you put out a release for my band ______?
Maybe? We’re a local record label so if you’re not from DE, we’re not going to be able to help you out. Even if you are from Delaware, we usually (always) have a pretty small budget and are probably in the midst of working on the next release. Unless you feel comfortable waiting up to a year for your record, it would probably be best to self-release. But talk to us, it never hurts to ask!
I ordered ______ and haven't received it yet.
Please be patient. It usually takes only a few days for orders to be delivered after being shipped, but sometimes we don’t have time to ship something before USPS closes. Usually I mail things the day of the order, but sometime it doesn’t happen. If it really takes an obscene amount of time, please email me, don’t tell me at a show. I try to remember things as best I can, but emails help keep things a little more organized.
Can I stop by Impetus House?
Sure! Just drop us a line when you’re coming by so we can do some deep cleaning and get the tea ready. Bring a snack!
Who is the head of your promotions?
Olivia handles all of our promotional and press work. You can reach her at info@impetusde.com
We value her very much.
Can my zine/blog/radio show review a record?
Of course, why are you asking us?

All we’d like is to send us a clipping/link of the article when you publish it.
Can you send me a copy of a record for my zine/blog/radio show to review your record?
We can try! send an email to info@impetusde.com and we’ll see what’s up. While we’d love to send promo copies to everyone that asks us, we can only afford so many copies to send out and have to be fairly stingy for who we send them to. But maybe it’s you, who knows?