Howdy folks! Welcome to the new “Scene Report” page. It’s going to serve as a little update on bands within the scene- upcoming tours, releases, recording projects, and maybe more. And what better way to do that than work in conjunction with DisturbancE, the visual counterpart to the label! Not sure yet how often we’ll be making these updates. Hopefully monthly, but we’ll have to see based on our workload.

If you’re interested in working with me on this (compiling info on bands, updating the page, etc.) get in touch!

Let’s get to it. Lots of info to cover.


April 2019


Impetus is currently working on two upcoming releases - The debut EP from Merger and a split from Kobika/Think Machine. No details yet for release dates or pre-orders, but we’ll have updates soon!

-A Paramount, A Love Supreme’s demo is being released on 4/15 in a short run on cassette by Larry Records, based out of New York. They are also in the process of recording their debut EP with Joni Elfers and I at Earth Songs and are playing a show at No Face Studios in Philadelphia, PA.

-Family Lopez just finished recording with Brody and Sam at the Teahouse. The band is also playing a DAI show in Newark at the University of Delaware’s Perkins Student Center with Merger, Khaki Cuffs and Grant Claytor (with his full band’s first performance).

-Foxymoron is still working on their EP with Joni at Earth Songs. Hopefully we’ll hear some news soon.

-Hive Mind is currently doing some recording with Rich Degnars in his home studio. The band has a show on May 5 at the Kennett Flash, just outside DE in Kennett Square, PA. There’s talk of a tour over the summer, we’ll keep you posted on that.

-Khaki Cuffs just finished recording “I Am Nothing” which will be out on Brody’s label Fault Records sometime soon. I’m sure you’ll see some posts about it from Brody’s instagram/twitter accounts…

-Kobika is writing some new material, and is working with Joni for mastering their upcoming split with Think Machine.

-Merger is getting ready to go on another short tour again in May. It’ll be around 2 weeks long. More details soon.

Merger is also playing a DAI show on May 7 with local hip-hop group Illust Tonez and Perennial (from New England). The show will benefit the Latin American Community Center and will be held in their gymnasium.

-Moonflower is working on their next EP, which will be out on Impetus at some point.

-Naff has a show in New Jersey in June. Past that, it seems fairly inactive in the Naff camp. No details yet on EP 2.

-Think Machine is recording their first LP with Joni at Earth Songs. They’re still working on getting some songs written, so it’s likely that this will be a ways out from being released.