Welcome! Thanks for checking out the DE Scene Report, part of an effort from Impetus and local zine heroes DisturbancE. This serves as a way for us to give an update on bands in the scene, both locally and elsewhere!

First some updates on the label- Since our last report, we’ve released the “Split” cassette from Kobika and Think Machine. They’re all stocked up in local stores, so pick one up if you live in town and don’t wanna wait for the shipping costs. (Or pick it up for free from the house!)

We’ve also got some extra hands working with us now. Olivia will be handling all of our press and promo stuff, so if you’re looking to do a write-up/piece and wanna get in touch, send her an email at info@impetusde.com.

That’s all for now. We’ve got a Merger record in the works, as well as a few other projects floating around. Enjoy!



-A paramount, A love supreme is almost done their EP. Good timing, as they just ran out of their demo cassettes from Larry Records. They also have a few shows coming up in close-by areas:

July 19 - Newark, DE at Papermill House
July 24 - Philadelphia, PA at Haus of Yarga
August 9 - Baltimore, MD at Mercury Theater

-The folks in Family Lopez are still working on getting their EP going. From what I understand, all that’s left are a few overdubs. Keep your eyes peeled for some upcoming shows from the group.

-Hive Mind is working in the studio with Rich Degnars on their EP. They said it should be done within the next month or so. Fingers crossed for a swift release on that!

-Khaki Cuffs is doing a tour in August, going down to do some dates in North Carolina before heading back up to finish off with some dates in New England. More details to come!

-Kobika has some shows coming up, and just put out their split with Think Machine. The two bands are using the proceeds to give materials to benefit the homeless in Wilmington as part of a direct-action group organized by the bands.

-Olivia (of Foxymoron) has recently started a new project called June the Jaded, and digitally released a little EP back in May.

-Merger played our last show a few weeks ago at Squeezebox Records. We’ve got an EP coming out sometime soon, and will likely be recording a short record sometime later.

-Naff seems to be quieting down a bit. They don’t have any shows coming up, and don’t plan to be recording anytime soon.

-There’s this new band called Noise Plant that just started up. Keep an eye out for them at future gigs- they’ve got a little video here.

-Think Machine is keeping the train moving, despite being without a bassist and other guitarist. The band has shows throughout the summer around DE and NJ.

-Quantum Zoology has one show coming up on August 16 in Philadelphia at Century Bar. They seem to be on their normal route of semi-regular but elusive shows.

-The Zheroes are working on getting an EP out sometime soon, and are apparently working on a music video for a song or two. More on that to come!


That’s all for now. Until next time, you can keep up with upcoming shows and other bands by checking out DisturbancE and our Facebook page!

-July 2019