Everyone Is Worried About Me by Gea LBR009

Eerie, nostalgic, and yearnfully bittersweet, Everyone Is Worried About Me is a record that strikes you at your core, eliciting tears without you even realizing it. Touching on intense themes of grief, loss, aging, and violence, the album both soothes and shakes you, holds and isolates you, transfixing you in a spiral of highs and lows, depression and gaiety. Everyone Is Worried About Me, yes, but that means that everyone cares about me, too.

1. and then you weren't
2. cat/dog
3. Birthday Song
4. put out
5. sedate
6. sedate (reprise)
7. the Xerox

Released 5/12/2023
1st Press: /50 Smoky Tint
Manufactured by Impetus Records

All purchases include digital downloads of all seven tracks