Think Machine

Think Machine began out of the ashes of the early DE teen punk scene, Shooting Shark, who shared bills with the folks in Paint The Sun and the Subterraneans. Shortly after their graduation, the band broke up and Nate Lamborn went on to play bass with some of the now ex-Subterraneans in Naff before approaching Shooting Shark's drummer Evan Kipp about starting a new project with some songs he'd been drafting up outside Naff practices.

The two recruited their Shooting Shark bassist Brian Johannson and scene enthusiast Steven Savage and began playing shows (their first of which was a celebration party for Impetus' first release), eventually replacing Brian Johannson with bassist Ian Berry and doing a few short tours and weekenders. By February 2019, Steven left the band (he was still in high school at the time), and the remaining trio went into Earth Songs with Joni Elfers to record their half of the "Split" EP with Kobika. The three went back into the studio just a few months later to record what would become their first album "This Machine Makes Noise", before Ian too left the group to focus on his college classes.

Between "This Machine Makes Noise"'s release and today, Think Machine went through several line-up and instrumentation changes. Evan and Nate, living together at Impetus House at the time, spent the better part of 2020 and 2021 drafting new demos, writing and rewriting songs, before eventually finding a permanent member in Reilly McGill, from Philly's Johnny Football Hero. James Williams from another DE band, Hive Mind, also joined shortly after.

The new group began playing shows together and began tightening up the songs Nate & Evan wrote over the previous two years in preparation for a new album. Recording was slow and meticulous, but between frequent gigging, personal breaks and different band commitments (Nate was also in Moonflower, and Evan in Kindred), the band found a solid process which worked for them in the studio, which has culminated in their new album "Waiting For The End Of The World", out on Impetus in fall 2023.