Waiting For The End Of The World by Think Machine IMP013

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The new album from Think Machine, Waiting For The End Of The World is the blistering second album from a band that's been promising its arrival for several years, as anyone who's been to a show in the last 3 years can attest. The band has gone through multiple demos, line-up additions and departures, and plenty of tinkering with song structures in their efforts to make this album.

With twelve tracks over 44 minutes, the band spins out ferocious tracks that weren't seen on other releases from the band before. While songs like "Invasion of Astro Monster" and "Nostalgia" have some elements from the band's first album "This Machine Makes Noise," they contain a volume and fervor not present before.

The band also shows its polished skill in arrangements on tracks like "Malarkey," and on the closer "Brandywine."

The album releases on December 15, 2023 on CD & Cassette. Pre-orders are available now here and on our Bandcamp.

Track Listing:
1. Lights
2. Invasion Of Astro Monster
3. Overwhelmed
4. $1200
5. Melrose
6. Why I'll Never Go Back To...
7. Kamp Krusty
8. Malarkey
9. St. Francis
10. Camp Tockwaugh
11. Nostalgia
12. Brandywine