This Machine Makes Noise by Think Machine IMP009

"This Machine Makes Noise" is Think Machine's first full-length album, and their second release on Impetus Records. The record contains ten tracks recorded at Earth Songs Studio with engineer Joni Elfers in March 2019.

The album's tracks display Think Machine further playing on their sound of pop-sensible, yet angular, disjunct form of punk music, similar to what the band first showcased on their "Split" with fellow DE band Kobika (IMP006).

This album was the last release to be recorded with bassist Ian Berry, who left the band in early 2019.

Track Listing:
1. 1000 Voices
2. Did I Stutter
3. Obsolete Man
4. Papers Please
5. Lucy's Song
6. Animals
7. Unfathomable Weight
8. Bones
9. Back-Up Plan
10. Morbid

Recorded at Earth Songs Studio with Joni Elfers in March 2019
All songs written by Think Machine
Bass on all tracks played by Ian Berry
Graphics by Diego Romero-Aros