Winter In The Summer; Summer In The Valley by Drop Therapy LBR011

Winter in the Mountains; Summer in the Valley, is Drop Therapy's most recent soundscape of brutal, industrial, hardcore electronica. Featuring 8 tracks with an 8-minute average run-time, this record is unforgiving in it's persistence, fueling an atmosphere of video-game-like battle music that keeps the listener on the edge of their seat, as they follow the ups and downs of the record. Covering issues like mental-illness, disability, heteronormativity, abuse, hopelessness, capitalism, and conformity, the tense but, at times, strangely inspiring world of Winter; Summer, illustrate the ups and downs of navigating life, its Mountains and Valleys of emotion.

1. Ocean Song
2. Theriotype
3. Your Tears Are Proof Enough (ft. Deer Girl)
4. Traction Burns Under the Shell (Pt. 1)
5. Traction Burns Under the Shell (Pt. 2)
6. We Existed
7. Knowing the Abuser
8. Gulf Stream Collapse

Released: 4/20/2024
1st Press: /50 CDs

All purchases include digital downloads of all eight tracks