Hey everyone! Staci (editor of local zine DisturbancE) here with a spicy new year update on what’s going on in DE punk. You've guessed correctly: it's the Impetus X DisturbancE Scene Report. If you’ve got any thoughts, questions, or qualms, please reach out to me disturbancede@gmail.com!

The first big update is that after February's edition, Diego and I will be retiring DisturbancE. While it's been an incredible, arduous, rewarding, challenging, humbling, thrilling, and honestly life-changing experience running this zine, it's definitely time for us to be calling it quits. You can read more about why in the zine itself, out the first weekend of February.

Local zines are the core of local communities - please take ours ending as that much more motivation to start your own. We'd love to help you figure out how to become a zinester yourself! Plus, we have one more evolved iteration of DisturbancE to present, but that won't be for a little while, so stay tuned about that. You can find all copies uploaded for free at disturbancede.wordpress.com :)


Impetus Records had quite the busy 2019. We released Driver's Ed S/T, Kobika / Think Machine Split, Merger S/T, Moonflower's Feel It Too, and Think Machine's This Machine Makes Noise. Now, we're focusing our efforts on our forthcoming Delaware Punk Sampler. After our biggest year yet, we're taking this time to organize one of our biggest projects yet! But that's not all! More info on that to come.

Think Machine, on the tail end of their December release This Machine Makes Noise, just finished a weekender from DE to MA and back.

A paramount, a love supreme will be releasing music on a split with Pique, Wild Heart, and Au bout de mes lèvres. Fans of scramz, this one's for you.

Khaki Cuffs is currently recording songs for a split with two ~mystery bands~ at the moment, and gearing up for a Valentine's weekender to celebrate love. C

Foxymoron will be releasing their self-released EP Soft Focus in the spring following the drop of its first single, New Youth, available now to stream.

Off-color just released their single Ever After off their forthcoming album Gutter Run. There's also a music video! They'll be playing on 2/14 at Newark house venue House of Mouse.

Hive Mind has been recording and working on music to be released at some point in the coming months. They're playing a show at a new Newark house venue, The Rabbit Hole, as a benefit for animals victim to the Australia Bushfires on Friday, 2/7.

Kobika has been working hard demoing, recording, and writing. Their intricate catalog has grown in recent months, and after a little break due to some traveling, they're ready to introduce the scene to their new music! They're playing with Palberta (Wharf Cat Records) at Rainbow Records in Newark on 4/5. Plus, they've been working on material for their next release.

Moonflower has had Nate from Think Machine step in on bass while their lineup is changing slightly for their live shows. Behind the scenes, they're recording a few songs for the Impetus Sampler and also for a 3 track EP that is near completion! They're also demoing and recording lots of stuff for various splits and a full length in the future. While the early months of 2020 are focused on writing and recording, the band is touring with Cloverdale in March and doing an East Coaster with Two Cars in April!

Noise Plant is playing their next few shows on 2/21 at House of Mouse and 2/29 at the Temple, both houses in Newark! They're also working on a possible split with Gravers Lane in the future!

Gravers Lane is a new band to watch for! They're writing and practicing, and will be looking to play shows starting in March. You should book them! They're also working on a possible split with Noise Plant.

The Zheroes has been playing a few shows recently, reopening the long dormant Newark house venue of La Pata Fria, where they primarily practice! Stay tuned for some more updates on them.

Grant Claytor is chilling out at the moment, but knowing him, is likely always playing around with some new music stuff in his free time. The band will be playing shows starting in around March!

Also, there's a band, currently nameless, that has formed between some of the members of Kobika and Merger out of Impetus House. They'll be working on presenting some good stuff real soon, and playing at the Temple on 4/3.

If I left anything out, please let me know! I love you!