hey, how r u? by Social Smoker LBR004

The Debut LP "hey how r u?" from German Acoustic Emo project Social Smoker tells the story of a first love and the process of losing the person closest to you.

Throughout its 43 minute runtime "hey how r u?" takes the listener through stories of love, trauma, growing up, learning from your mistakes and about everything someone experiences when growing from a failed relationship.

The intricate setting of Guitars, Vocals, Synths and an overall reverb-drenched Underwater feel leaves the listener to an experience that is sonically interesting as well as lyrically intricate and shows different ways of expressing Feelings through music.

Emotionally charged on some songs, calm and reflective on others, this project shows a raw, emotive but also sonically full take on Acoustic Emo, which should appeal to fans of Artists like Crywank, Worst Party ever, Scruffpuppie or Wilbur.

1. the Novice
2. in our early days...
3. blue hairdye
4. 09082019
5. same
6. rinse and repeat
7. shutters
8. solitude.
9. like a breath of fresh air, in the midst of drowning
10. P.E.
11. ...we promised eachother...
12. dislocated
13 ...to never leave.
[Bonus Tracks]
14. i'm not doing life well man...
15. forever but like now
16. mirtezapine (sunkjaw cover)

Released 10/15/2020 on Lonely Bird Records. LBR004