I Wonder What They Think Of Me by Cleven LBR006

Fast-paced, incredibly catchy, and an overall delight to listen to, Cleven follows up their debut acoustic EP "Natural Disasters" with "I Wonder What They Think Of Me." From front to back, Build a Rocketship to Planets, I Wonder What They Think Of Me is impossible to get out of your head, not that you'd want to anyways.

1. Build a Rocketship
2. Care Package
3. Drugstore ATM
4. Just Fine.
6. I Snapped My Deck, Can I Use Yours? (Bonus Track)
7. Natural Disasters (Intro) (feat. Dave)
8. Fake Deer
9. Restless Leg Syndrome

Released 4/2/2021 on Lonely Bird Records. LBR006