Forever Is a Funny Feeling by Czxxxxx LBR008

Following up last year's Noctambulent, and its subsequent release on streaming through Lonely Bird Records, Forever Is A Funny Feeling builds on the surrealism and nostalgic, depressive complacency that is oh-so very easy to fall into among the rhythms of everyday life. Exploring lost, broken, and patch-worked relationships, and the many experiences that accompany them, Forever Is A Funny Feeling reminds us that it is just that, and that one must simply tilt their head to see that nothing is real.

1. Sugar Pill
2. Father, God
3. Where Did I Go Wrong
4. Mouth
5. Work Me Like A Bitch
6. Red Yellow Green Light
7. House (All I Want Is You)
8. Naomi
9. Nova Holka
10. Grow
11. The Slow Down
12. Unknown

Released 7/22/2022
1st Press: /50 CDs