Hello all!

Some of you may know me, but for those who don’t, my name is Dave! I recently joined Impetus to help run promotion and social media, and together, Liv and I will be organizing the Scene Report. As shows, releases, and other general news in the scene are picking back up, we’ll be releasing these on more of a regular basis (so keep an eye out!). We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who reached out to us for this report, and are so happy to have received so many responses.

Without further adieu, here is an updated scene report. Buckle up, folks, it’s a long one!

- Dave and Liv <3


There’s a few updates on the label side of things. We just rereleased Moonflower’s Feel It Too in early July as a 7”. There’s a new Merger 7” coming out, but with crazy vinyl production times right now, it might not be out until early next year.

In more formal news, we’re starting up a distribution wing to our site/mail-order. With enough new music being released outside of the label’s operations, we thought it would be nice to be able to offer a kind of one-stop shop for scene stuff. This way, we can offer more releases to our own distributors and also bring them to tabling. So if you are a Delaware-based/connected band or zine maker, etc. and want to see your stuff up on the site, feel free to reach out to us using the form at our new Distribution page.

Think Machine just released their cover split EP “Showdown Of The Century” with NJ-based Driving Underwater, which is available on upcycled cassette on Paper Boat’s website, which is a tape label run by former member Maciej. The band is playing at Fenn's in West Chester on August 20th and later at the George Wilson Center in Newark on September 26th. Diego and the band are still working on their new album, but we should expect a release next year.

Moonflower just had their last EP Feel It Too rereleased as a 7” back in early July. The EP is a co-release with Lonely Bird Records (run by Dave). They’ve also started playing some shows here and there, including an upcoming No Doubt cover set on September 4th in Stevensville, MD.

Kobika has been jamming in the basement of Impetus House, and will hopefully have some news to report soon.

Graver's Lane released their double single “Dreaming of Oceans” back in April, an acoustic version of their S/T ep for the one-year anniversary of the original ep at the beginning of July, and are currently waiting on album mixes that they’re hoping to put out by the end of the year or beginning of next year.

A Paramount, A Love Supreme played a show at Oddity Bar last Saturday and are currently working on new music with hopes to go on tour later this fall.

Dirt Woman also played with APALS over the weekend, and are otherwise working on some new material.

Grant Claytor is going on tour with Blue Deputy this August. He’s also got a new song coming out August 6th, which you’ll be able to hear live on tour. They’re hitting a few spots along the east coast, so be sure to catch ‘em at one of those dates!

Blue Deputy is currently recording their first album. If you missed them at the DIY Superbowl up in Philly, you’re in luck, because you can catch them on the aforementioned tour this August with Grant Claytor!

Off-Color are currently recording their new album. Liv has mentioned (in a very unbiased manner) that “It Is Very Good”, and they’re hoping to play some shows in the fall.

Death By Indie is working on some new tracks akin to "putting Alex G on in September while simultaneously being in love with your friends." They also recently added a drummer to the group for upcoming live shows that they’ll start playing in the near future.

Eyebawl is currently working on some new tracks. They’re also going to be playing Firefly this year, so be sure to catch them there!

Not quite a DE band, but the very near and dear to our hearts Johnny Football Hero just released their new EP Complacency.

Lab Tea released their S/T EP back in May and played their first gig a few weeks back. Right now they’re looking to play a few more gigs by the end of the year.

The Zheroes just put out a new single Once You Met Someone, You Never Really Forget Them.

donttrustlando has an EP out on July 30th with their collective flutterclub.

Shane, Ryan, and Joni have all been jamming together under the name Lemeno. Shane added, "we're like if jazz was horrible." Shane and Ryan have been in multiple impetus bands like Merger and Kobika, and Joni has recorded most of the releases on the label.

Polyamory is a new Wilmington noise rock band, whose demo tape is up on Bandcamp now.

Ønism is a new band, who just played a show at Long Play Cafe. They also recently released their EP Late Nights in Your Room. The band hopes to have an album out by the end of the year.

The Temple is currently working on getting live streaming set up and is hoping to have some fall events pending safety concerns about COVID.

House of Mouse has disbanded after all the housemates graduated from UD this past Spring, but are honored to have been a part of the scene and are grateful for everyone who played, came to shows, and made it all happen!

That’s all from us for now. We sincerely appreciate everyone who reached out to be included, and if we missed anybody, we’ll catch ya in the next one. We are so looking forward to all of the upcoming events and hearing all the great new music from everybody!

Until next time.