First 2 EPs by Death By Indie IMP011

This release is a compilation of Death By Indie's first 2 EPs: self-titled (DBI-001) and Junk! (DBI-002). This is their first time in print on one release, and the first of the band's releases on Impetus.

Everything by Death By Indie
Death By Indie is Declan Poehler and Isa Teixeira

Track Listing:
1. Beech bby
2. Half Jap
3. Surf Or Die
4. Reaching
5. Regular People
6. Hal Japsan
7. Untitled (Bonus Track)
8. Louie's Snocones
9. Emma
10. Daybreak
11. Jazzy Jake
12. Patti
13. The Snallygaster Cometh
14. Educated People Become Punks