Crisis Meditations by A Paramount, A Love Supreme IMPMFC-001

This is a repress of A Paramount, A Love Supreme's first EP, Crisis Meditations, made by Impetus Manufacturing. This reissue has updated graphics by Diego Romero-Aros and is printed on red-tinted cassettes with a crimson Norelco case.

Track Listing:
1. Catastrophizing
2. Overshot
3. I Am Young Without Wilderness
4. Mariner East Two

engineered and recorded by joni elfers at earth sounds in march and july 2019
mixed by joni elfers and a paramount, a love supreme at earth sounds july 2019
mastered by will killingsworth at dead air studios

artwork and initial layout by kyle rotta
updated layout by diego romero-aros

Originally released as Zegema Beach #180 and Larry Records #29

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