Hey everyone! Staci (editor of local zine DisturbancE) here to update the masses on what’s going on in DE punk in the Impetus X DisturbancE Scene Report. If you’ve got any thoughts, questions, or qualms, please reach out to me disturbancede@gmail.com OR my snazzy new disturbance@impetusde.com! Exciting!

Impetus Records has been chugging along steadily these past few months. In the last Scene Report, we welcomed sweet Olivia to Impetus (info@impetusde.com), and we had just released the Kobika/Think Machine Split. Since then, we’ve done quite a bit!

First of all, the office at Impetus House has gained some sick shelves. Come through to admire them! We're at 13 Delaware Ave in Claymont, DE, off Philly Pike.

Merger released their highly anticipated EP on September 27th. It’s probably my favorite release to date, as well as the first Impetus 12”! You can find it in local record stores or available on the site. It’s also on most streaming services.

On November 1st, Moonflower’s EP Feel It Too will be released! They’re currently all stacked in those aforementioned shelves, ready for ya. It’s available for preorder now via our website.

Later this year, keep an eye out for Think Machine’s first full-length release on Impetus.

Lastly, Diego decided to change up the website a bit and straight up taught himself how to code over the summer in order to do so. He coded the whole damn thing! It looks great! Give him some accolades!

While I’m here - if you ever want to submit a show review, album review, interview, or thought piece to DisturbancE, we have revolving and monthly submissions. Please reach out. We encourage ads from other independent labels! Hope to see you at a gig!

-Staci :) <3 xoxoxoxoxo


Think Machine has been playing a ton of shows recently! Find them at beloved Newark house venue The Temple on 11/15 with Morus Alba and Kobika, and at Wharf Arts Center in Philly on 11/16. We’ve been working with them on their next release, shooting for sometime in December. Stay tuned for that news!

Though A paramount, a love supreme has been separated across the ocean, that doesn’t mean they’re not still putting out music. Their new EP, Crisis Meditations, is being released through Larry Records and Zegema Beach Records on 11/15.

Khaki Cuffs just released I Am Nothing, their newest EP. Moving forward, their full length album currently being mixed, slated to be out in the spring. Currently, they’re also working on material for a tour/split with another band, to be announced! The release show for the new EP is on 11/10 at Newark house venue Paper Mill - featuring Khaki Cuffs themselves, along with Noise Plant, Hopper Pond (NJ), and Carly Cosgrove (PA).

Foxymoron will be releasing their self-released EP Soft Focus soon!

Hive Mind has shows coming up at the Pharmacy in Philly on 11/1 and at Squeezebox Records in Wilmington on 11/9 with Mrs. Kitching, Scare City (MA) and Bad Larrys (MA).

Kobika has a show coming up on 11/15 with Morus Alba and Think Machine, and are working on material for an upcoming album.

Naff is playing their last show for a while on 11/1 at Artzscape in Wilmington with Moonflower and Carly Cosgrove (PA).

Down south, our friends in Dirt Woman have been recording some new stuff, so keep an eye out for that.

Moonflower releases their highly anticipated EP, Feel It Too, with us on 11/1. In support of the new EP, they’re touring the mid-Atlantic in November and December. Check out their social media for the specific dates - their EP release show will be in Wilmington, with Naff and Carly Cosgrove (PA) at Artzscape. They’re begun to record their following EP which they’re hoping to release in early 2020, and are working on material for a future full-length.

Noise Plant have been writing quite a lot and are working on some possible releases. They have an upcoming show at Paper Mill in Newark with Khaki Cuffs, Hopper Pond (NJ) and Carly Cosgrove (PA).

The Zheroes just released a music video, and are releasing their EP Stuck In Yesterday, Pt. 2 near the end of 2019.